As young parents, we struggled to find an indoor place for our kids that was fun for them and relaxing for the us. Either such places didn’t exist, were too expensive, or simply did not meet our quality expectations. All we wanted was an indoor place that was not only safe, fun, interesting, and healthy for kids but also relaxing, engaging, and cost-effective for parents. So that is why we decided to create our own and share it with the community. The place became Playgrounds Fun Zone and Café and we are really proud of it.

We work hard to make Playgrounds a place where kids are always safe while having fun. Kids deserve to eat delicious yet healthy food. Our gourmet café offers food that is fresh, delicious, and healthy. Most of the play places that cater to kids don’t pay enough attention to the parents. We believe in providing parents with an environment where they can relax, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, or enjoy a refreshing salad or sandwich while safely keeping an eye on their kids. We don’t believe in just building a business but a community where kids and parents come together to socialize and have fun. Come join us and check it out for yourselves.